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Advanced Aortic Procedures

Less invasive therapies often involve endovascular intervention. Endovascular therapies utilize small incisions or no inicision,  and use wires and catheters to repair aortic disease.  The Center for Aortic Disease provides advanced endovascular therapy to provide the best possible care.

A distinct advantage of the Center for Aortic Disease is the advanced imaging capabilities here.  The "fusion" imaging between CT scan, echo, and fluoroscopy allows more precise treatment for the patient. An Insight into Our Wide Range of Services

Thoracic endovascular aortic repair (TEVAR) are aortic stent grafts that treat aneurysm and dissection diseases of the aorta.  By using a small groin incision, or no incision, a stent graft can be advanced and cover the area of disease. 

Thoracic aortic stent grafts may be used in conjunction with other procedures to provide "hybrid" therapies combining open and endovascular surgery.  One such hybrid therapy is the treatment of extensive aneurysm disease.

Newer techniques are used to perform "hybrid" procedures with utilizing parallel grafts in which branch arteries may be reconstructed utilizing smaller graft.    Here a total arch is reconstructed with left carotid to left subclavian bypass , left carotid artery parallel graft, and throacic stent graft. 

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